Educational Activities

Educational Activities

Babies 0-18 Months
Our program allows for learning, feeding and changing of nappies. The learning program includes stimulating games. We focus on language development. We try to keep to every baby’s routine as this gives a feeling of security. Sleeping times are adapted to suit the baby. Activities include peeping games and handling of colourful toys as well as physical exercise such as rolling over and allowing the baby to sit, tummy time, getting up and learning to walk while holding onto equipment. Sensory play, language development and fine motor activities are also is included in our daily routine.

We will record your baby’s daily routine. This will include sleeping, feeding and nappy changes during your baby’s day at Nursery. The baby area is kept very clean and all bedding and towels are washed regularly to keep any risk of infection down. Nappy changing areas are regularly wiped down with anti-bacterial cleaner. We would ask that if your baby is unwell, you keep him/her at home until they are better, to cut the risk of infection to the other babies. Likewise, if your baby becomes unwell during the day, we will ring you.

From six months we start introducing solids and the babies participate as far as possible in the daily routine. From about 8 months you will be required to send a snack box for your baby as we have a snack time at 10am and 3pm.

Toddlers 18 – 36 Months
Our program includes stimulating activities, problem solving opportunities, games using imagination and language development. Food and rest are determined according to age and need, but they are encouraged to stick to fixed times. Pulling, pushing, wheeled toys and climbing apparatus are offered. The toddlers also start simple drawing and painting activities, learn simple songs and rhymes, and listen to stories. We assist in the use of the toilet.

Children 3-4 Years
Activities become more structured and include a toilet routine. Feeding and rest take place at fixed times. These children play with more advanced apparatus, for example, more complicated puzzles, and building blocks. The climbing apparatus and wheeled toys presents more of a challenge. Group activities include drawing, painting, pre-maths skills and singing, rhyming games and listening to stories. Our stimulation programme is based on the milestones that need to be met. At Mother Bear, we love to encourage fantasy play and therefore have loads of dress-up boxes children may use to engage and get lost in their own fantasy world.

Preschool 5-6 Years
We follow the principles of the curriculum framework developed by the Department of Education.

We have a wide range of extra mural activities:

  • Baking
  • Swimming
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Science
  • Computers
  • Cooking
  • Ballet
  • Modern Dance and Hip Hop
  • Gymnastics and Playball