Admission & Fees

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Admission & Fees​

A refundable deposit equal to one month’s fees is required. This will be offset against your final Nursery bill. There is no reduction for holidays or sickness. One calendar month written notice is required, should you wish to withdraw your child from the school.

Hours and holidays
Operating hours are 6:45am – 17:15pm Monday to Friday
The Nursery School will be closed on all Public Holidays as decided by the Department of Internal Affairs. The School will be open during the school holidays as laid down by the Gauteng Education Department but the School will close in December until the beginning of January as well as one week in June/July. Parents will be provided with the relevant dates well in advance.

Communication between parents and staff is continuous and will take place through various means, such as verbal, newsletters, etc. Should you have any issues or concern to discuss, you are welcome to contact us. Personal interviews can be arranged to ensure that parents and staff can discuss the issues undisturbed.

Medication must be handed to a staff member and never just left in a child’s bag. We will keep all medication well out of the way of the children. The staff member that administers the medication will sign A Medicine Administration Chart.

Illness and accidents
Please do not send your child to Nursery if they are unwell. If your child falls ill while at Nursery, we will call you to collect them. Parents will be informed of any accidents, which happen at Nursery and will be required to sign the Accident Book. For more serious accidents, we will contact you immediately. If we are unable to contact you, we will take your child to hospital at our discretion.

Should a child arrive at the School with any injuries or lesions, the School reserves the right to require of the parents to provide the reasons for such injuries. Should the parents refuse to provide such information, the School will be within its rights to report it to the SAPS or the Department of Health and Welfare.

Mother Bear Daycare Center has a wide range of toys and other material to keep the children busy, and we therefore discourage bringing toys or special items from home, as these may get damaged or lost. Any item brought by the child is the child’s own responsibility and the staff of the school will not be held responsibility for loss or damage. A birthday is an important event in the life of a child and therefore we would love to share in it at Mother Goose. You are welcome to make prior arrangements with us, should you wish to bring cake and snacks or should you wish to arrange a special event.